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Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble

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The Zorbie sponge floats on top of your hot tub water absorbing contaminants and so reducing foaming.

A Zorbie keeps your water sparkling clear and foam free for up to 3 months without any chemical additives.

Chemical free so great to use in conjunction with eco3spa or ecoONE Spa Monthly, but can also be used with Chlorine, Bromine, Aquafinesse, Spa Frog, O-Care or any other spa sanitation system.

The Zorbie Hot Tub Water Bobble has a unique ion exchange mechanism which is designed to absorb contaminants and to reduce foaming in your hot tub. The Water Bobble lasts 30 to 90 days, depending on bather load. You should change your Zorbie Water Bobble when it settles low in the water.

This isn't a gimmick, the same sponge is used in ocean oil spill clean-up all over the world.

For the more technically minded......

Zorbie "Water Bobbles" are a unique product and the components used have an innate negative electrostatic charge. The resulting finished product retains this charge and is called "Zorbolite".

Weakly bound, singly charged (monovalent) ions such as sodium and chloride are continually displaced. More highly charged, doubly charged (divalent) ions such as sulfate, ammonia or phosphate replace them, throughout the life of the Zorbolite. It is ammonia that creates a growth environment for bacteria.

Zorbolite is oleophilic (attracts oil) and its formula mix and production procedures create a unique, interconnected, cellular framework. The open cell structure creates networks of cavities throughout the foam, allowing oils to penetrate deep within. This feature combined with fact that Zorbolite is hydrophobic (repels water), is what makes it the most superior oil absorbent available.

And for the less technical.....

zorbies in action in hot tubs

environmentally friendly option
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