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Splash Spas Spa pH Down - 750g

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Smaller 750g pack

Splash Spas brand chemicals are a high quality range of hot tub chemicals manufactured exclusively for us by the UK's leading spa chemicals manufacturer.

If the pH of your water is above the level recommended for your sanitizer use Splash Spas Spa pH Down to reduce it.  Splash Spas Spa pH Down can also be used to reduce the TA if required.

Dose to reduce the pH : 11g per 1000 litres of spa water.

Pre-dissolve the product in a clean plastic container at a maximum rate of 11g per litre of warm water.  Stir well to ensure that the product is fully dissolved and add the solution to the spas with the pumps running to ensure even distribution.

After a minimum of 30 minutes re-check the pH level and repeat if necessary until the required pH is reached.  A number of treatments may be necessary.

To reduce the TA : Use the amounts shown in the following table.

Size of your hot tub To reduce the Total Alkalinity...
10 mg/l 20 mg/l 50 mg/l 100 mg/l
1000 litres / 220 gals 20g 40g 100g 200g
1500 litres / 330 gals 30g 60g 150g 300g

Compatible with all spa sanitizers.

NB If you are unable to maintain an appropriate pH level in your tub the most likely cause is that the the Total Alkalinity is too low.  Always correct the Total Alkalinity balance before you attempt to balance the pH.

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Active Ingredients Sodium Hydrogen Sulphate
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