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Don't worry, it's not hard!

We DO NOT make covers based on the make and model of your hot tub alone.
The reason for this is that the manufacturers change their moulds all the time and the databases available are notoriously wong. Consequently, the chances are that if you don't actually measure your existing cover or hot tub shell your new cover won't fit properly.

Just choose your hot tub shape from the pictures below and we will show you exactly what you need to measure.

  • OPTION 1 Square or Rectagular with square or rounded corners

    rectangular cover outine
  • OPTION 2 Square or Rectangular with one or more corners cut off

    cut corner cover outine
  • OPTION 3 Round

    round cover outine
  • OPTION 4 Hexagonal

    hexagonal cover outine
  • OPTION 5 Octagonal

    oxagonal cover outine
  • OPTION 6 Any other irregular shape

    other cover shape outine
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