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Hardness and Scale Control

If you keep the TA and pH balanced you won't need to worry about scaling unless you live in a very hard water area.

If your water is very soft, you might need to increase the calcium hardness to unsure your sanitiser works efficiently and to control foaming.

  1. surespa Hardness Increaser - 1kg
    surespa Hardness Increaser - 1kg
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    Calcium hardness is the measure of how much lime (calcium) is dissolved in your water.

    The hardness of your spa water will be overwhelmingly influenced by the hardness of the mains water supply to your home and that is dependent on where you live and the source of your water supply.

    If you live in the South of England, you most likely have hard water, with lots of calcium dissolved in your source water. If you live in Scotland, Wales or the North of England, you most likely have soft water with a very low amount of calcium in your water.

    Hot tub water with very low total hardness (very soft water) can cause etching to occur on the tub surfaces which will become abrasive and uncomfortable for bathers.

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  2. surespa ScaleAway - 1lt
    surespa ScaleAway - 1lt

    surespa ScaleAway helps to prevent and remove scale deposits which can build up rapidly on spa surfaces, particularly at high water temperatures and when the spa water is particularly hard.

    surespa ScaleAway prolongs the life of your hot tub by prevent scale damage to pumps, heaters and seals.

    It will also help to prevent unsightly scum lines around the waterline and it will not affect the water balance of your hot tub water.

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