Hot Tub Delivery & Installation

This information refers to the delivery, installation and commissioning of hard sided hot tubs.

Will there be a delivery charge?

Hot Tubs Delivery Area

If you live within the UK mainland area marked in green on the map we will deliver your hot tub free of charge. This will be kerb-side delivery and does not include installation or commissioning. Please see How will my hot tub arrive? below. However, if you have easy access to the spot where you want your tub installed and your electricity supply is ready then our drivers will also help you to move the tub into place an wire it in for you.

If you live in the blue area or if you live in Europe we can deliver most hot tubs to you, but there will be an additional charge. Please contact us with your post code for a quotation.

Can you fully install an commission my hot tub?

Yes, if you live in Hampshire, Surrey, London the surrounding areas we will install and commission your hot tub for you, if you wish. This service includes a complementary ecoONE Starter Kit.  Our engineer will move your hot tub into position, wire it up to your electrical supply, fill it, sanitse the water and train you in how to maintain your hot tub water using your ecoONE kit.

There is an additional charge of £350 for the installation and commissioning.

We can sometimes install and commission  in other parts of the country, please telephone us to discuss your requirements.

When will my hot tub be delivered?

Hot tub delivery  times vary from a few days to around six weeks and change from week to week depending on the availability of local stock and many other factors. 

If you order your hot tub on-line we will contact you by telephone within 48 hours (Monday - Friday) to agree an approximate delivery date, but if you want to confirm the delivery timescales before you order then please contact us.

How will my hot tub arrive?

Palletized hot tub ready for delivery

If we are not installing your hot tub for you our delivery agents will contact you 24 - 48 hours in advance of delivery to arrange a convenient time for you to accept your hot tub. Your tub will not be delivered until contact has been made and a delivery day and approximate time agreed with you.

When your hot tub arrives it will be packed, usually on its side, on a pallet and look very much like the one in the picture.

It will be delivered on a truck with a tail lift. The driver will off-load the pallet using a pallet lift and place it on your property, assuming that there is clear access, but the driver will not move the tub to the back of your house or help to install it.

All of our hot tubs are very well packed and, with enough help, it is a relatively straightforward job to move them into place. The hot tub weight is provided in the specification on the website.

Once the hot tub is in place you simply need to remove the side panel with a screwdriver and connect up the three wires from your electrical supply cable.

What electrical supply do I need?

The power supply to your hot tub must be wired through a Residual Current Device (RCD), or circuit breaker, at least 2 metres away from the hot tub. All outside cable must be armoured.

Hot tubs rated at 13 amps may be connected via a standard, switchable, waterproof 3 pin socket.

Please be aware that a qualified electrician must install the power supply.