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AquaChek Digital TruTest Reader - Chlorine

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Easy-to-use digital test strip reader that removes the need for colour matching.

Designed for chlorine users, but can also be used for bromine testing.

The AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader combines the ease and accuracy of AquaChek test strips with advanced digital technology. Now there’s no guesswork required to interpret colour results – just dip a TruTest test strip in the spa water, insert it in the test strip reader and get fast, accurate digital results in 15 seconds!

Aquachek Digital Trutest Reader Instruction Manual

Provides numerical test results for Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH and Total Alkalinity together with “low”, “ok” or “high” indicators for each test parameter.

Water resistant. Memory function stores the last 9 test results.

Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included).

Kit includes: TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader, User Guide, 25 x TruTest Digital Test Strips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dynamic test range for the TruTest?

Free Chlorine/ Bromine: 0-15ppm

pH: 6.1-8.8

Total Alkalinity: 0-300ppm

An error message will be displayed when testing water samples outside of these calibrated test ranges.

What can I expect for the precision of the test  parameters?

 The precision of the unit is as the following:

Free Chlorine/Bromine: 0-1ppm range +/- 0.3ppm : 3-10ppm range +/- 1ppm

pH: +/- 0.1pH

TA: +/-30ppm

As with any test, technique consistency will improve precision results.

How long will the batteries last? 

The AA batteries should last an entire pool season’s worth of testing.  The display window will flash “LO” if the batteries are below a certain level of power needed to perform a test. 

How long will the unit last?

With good cleaning and storage habits, the meter should last longer than 3 years.

Why does the unit sometimes not appear to stay “ON”?

The “on” button if depressed quickly on and off can cause conflicts with the software, appearing to not “stay on (or off)”.  Simply waiting a minute or so before pressing the ON button should help clear the cycle.

How should I be cleaning my TruTest?

A simple, non-abrasive wiping of the test strip window and all other surfaces with clean, fresh water should clear any residual chemicals remaining after testing.

What will happen if the meter falls into the pool/spa?

The meter was designed to withstand this kind of accidental submersion and should float upon entry into the water.  Simply remove the meter, take out the batteries from the battery compartment, dry the battery compartment thoroughly and replace with dry batteries.  The meter should return to full performance.

 Should I “place” or “slide”  the test strip onto the test strip window?

It is very important that you do not slide the test strip on the window.  This action will result in inaccurate readings.  A simple method is to place the first pad nearest the top of the strip onto the window first, then lower the rest of the strip down onto the window.  This will ensure that the strip is all the way in and down onto the window.

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